Dragon Ball Online (ドラゴンボールオンライン) Gameplay part 3

Dragon Ball Online (ドラゴンボールオンライン) Gameplay part 3

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This is my playthrough / gameplay of Dragon Ball Online (ドラゴンボールオンライン) for PC which will have All Cutscenes and Endings for Dragon Ball Online (ドラゴンボールオンライン). Dragon Ball Online (ドラゴンボールオンライン) FULL Walkthrough Gameplay Longplay No Commentary/Without Commentary 1440p 60fps Switch Ultra Settings. Includes all Cutscenes, Gameplay, Boss Fights, Ending.
Dragon Ball Online (ドラゴンボールオンライン) is an MMORPG developed simultaneously in Japan and South Korea by NTL, and set in the Dragon Ball universe. The story takes place on Earth, 216 years after the conclusion of the Dragon Ball manga. It was first released in Korea on February 5, 2010, in Taiwan on June 15, 2011, and in Hong Kong on September 8, 2011. Dragon Ball Online shut down its Korean server on September 26, 2013, and its Taiwanese and Hong Kong servers on October 31, 2013.

Many elements from this game are used in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and its sequel, as well as Dragon Ball Heroes. In 2019 it gained a successor in the form of Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend.

In 2015, a group of ambitious people got together to start Dragon Ball Online Global, a private server project created for purpose of reviving an old, but not forgotten, cherished game. After a lot of hard work and several test phases, a great amount of progress was made to the game’s broken coding and translations. March 1st of 2018 marked DBOG’s Open Beta release.

NOTE: Go to the @DBOGRevival website for more info on how to play: https://dboglobal.to/

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